Wire Frame Notes:
Notes from Katie and Brandon:

  • Make the font size slightly bigger
  • Underlines seem a little thick-- make type bigger to balance that out

  • images would look better centered and taking up the entire width of the screen
  • try using margin auto and divs for positioning images
  • >
  • Maybe get rid of rule at the top, style question
  • >
  • Body copy should be bigger
  • Font-size is a little too bold--change font
  • Pie Crust, Filling crumble headings are too similar to body text
  • Everything is the same size, add more contrast
  • good that the headers are bolder but then the headers should be bigger
  • >
  • div--tell them to take up 25% of the div-- max width- 100 for div, max width 25 for images