Kristina Postcard Feedback

  • The place you chose to put the text on the first and third photo works pretty well. The bottoms of the images seem to be the least busy parts color-wise.
  • I think you could up the type size and make it more graphic since your images seem to be from an older move so they are not as sharp on their own. Is there a specific reason you are using all caps? I think there's a character to these people and their words that you could play up in how you treat the type.
  • I'd think a little more about how you have placed the type on the page, the lines are pretty long and I don't think you need the dash before the name if you keep the quotes and space it underneath correctly.
  • I think that on the second image you could choose something in the background to place the text over and it might be slightly more effective. I'd keep the character in the center clear of text.
  • The images you chose are working fairly well, they are all centered with space for the text to fit in at the bottom or on the side.