1. Megan Stansbury, Commmunication Design, Junior.
  2. I am stronger in illustration but have more interest in learning to challenge myself with design. We are required to take this class but I'm hoping it will help me expand my skills as a designer and design thinker.
  3. I have minimal experience in html from what we did in Type I.
  4. I hope to learn how to trouble shoot and teach myself how to solve problems that arise and gaps in my knowledge. Specifically being proficient enough to specifically define my question and know where to look for a solution.
  5. Designing for the screen involves movement, the ability to scroll, have scalability on different devices, and be cohesive between links. Whereas, designing for is easier in achieving a desired look quickly, it's a static image and is less flexible once printed.
  6. https://saltoptics.com I think this website exemplifies effective design becuase it communicates the voice of the brand well. It's clean and clear to use but contains the artistic character of the brand as well.
  7. https://buildout.com/ This website offers effective communication because it immediately introduces the brand. The introduction to the companty is a singular clean scroll down the homepage. The links to their other pages are consolidated in one bar at the top.
  8. pinterest.com I think this website works well generally because the website itself continuously makes it easier for consumers to use. The more a consumer builds their boards and interests the more the website is able to cater to them and even suggest what board is should be pinned to so the only scrolling the user has to do is browsing photos.